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Gates of Veilguard

Fate has chosen you, Veilwalker...

Welcome to Gates of Veilguard, a Live Action Roleplay (LARP) game where players are immersed in a fantastical world and play as their own unique characters, fighting together to save the world from a terrible otherworldly threat.

You play as Veilwalkers, the select few chosen by Fate who are able to venture into the fabled realm of Veilguard, where your actions, decisions, and heroism will determine the fate of your nations. This is your chance to rise to greatness, and protect the world from forces that would see it torn asunder.

What will you do, when you pass through the Gates of Veilguard?

About The Game


We are currently in talks with sites around Texas to set up our first event.


Our current plan is to hold the game in early 2025, either in February or March.
Exact dates will be announced once we have arranged for a site.



The game will start early Thursday evening and end early Sunday afternoon.


Tickets will be limited for the first event, likely between 50 and 75 players.
This is to ensure that the staff are able to provide a good experience during the premier.
Subsequent events will increase in size significantly and eventually remove the player cap entirely.



The game is intended to be a Festival LARP, with heavy emphasis on politics, trading, and Player vs NPC combat.
Quests will be given to each nation, religion, and organization, involving combat, negotiation, and/or stealth.
Player Characters will venture out through the Godscore Gate on adventures, ranging from small missions involving five people to battles of fifty or more.
For those who prefer to avoid combat, politics, crafting, trade, and magic rituals will feature heavily in the game, both as a means of completing quests and as a way to advance your own or your nation's interests.



Unfortunately, until we have a site lined up and the cost of insurance locked down, we cannot give an accurate price estimate.
Our hope is to keep the cost at or below $250 per person.



For the first event, we will not be allowing children under the age of 18.
Depending on our final insurance setup and their position on alcohol consumption, we may not allow individuals under the age of 21 at the first event, to avoid the risk of underage drinking.
If the game proves successful, our intention is to hire personnel to watch over and entertain minor children at future events. At least one parent would need to stay with their child at all times, however, regardless of the presence of any other caregivers.


More Information
Game Wiki
You can find more information on the game rules, world lore, and character creation at our Notion wiki:

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Join our Discord server to hang out and chat with fellow players and the GM team!

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